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Garden Pests

You want to enjoy your garden and the plants in it but it's
not always possible because other things also want to
enjoy it and the plants and they are not always compatible.
Whether it is slugs eating your Hostas, cats pooing in your
borders, aphids on your roses or wasps on your jam sandwiches
you need to take control - it's your garden not theirs!

Slugs are easy - install a Slug Pub - they are all literally dying
for a beer. For other pests there are a range of ingenious
solutions for you to try. You can now wage electronic,
biological and several other kinds of warfare on those uninvited

Follow the links to our featured suppliers below for inspirational
ideas to tackle those pesky creatures and help you get back to
enjoying your garden in peace once again.

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It's just like going to the garden centre!




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Rolawn - Rolawn, the producer of renowned Medallion turf® is Britain’s biggest selling and most frequently specified turf, being the first choice for both professional landscapers and experienced gardeners who demand the best. To maintain the best, Rolawn supply cost effective solutions for the control of lawn pests. Easy to use and safe for the environment, they supply natural controls for moles, ants, leatherjackets and chafer grubs.

Crocus - With around ten times as many different types of plants to buy online than your average garden centre and an even wider range of gardening products, gifts and garden equipment, we are sure you will find what you are looking for here. The original online garden centre!


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